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This video was a wonderful nostalgia trip, the black and white grainy texture and the unfortunate way the camera makes the dancers look chunky or svelte notwithstanding. However, the video only identifies the principal dancers (Tallchief, Eglevsky and Royes Fernandes). The excerpt from the Raymonda Pas de Dix does not identify the many soloists. I am assuming they are from NYCB. Is that Barbara Walczak in the first variation?

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looks like the NYPLibrary for the Perf. Arts listing isn't much more elaborate. but here it is fyi:

Pas de dix (Motion picture): 1957.

Description 17 min.

Notes:Kinescope of L'heure du concert, November 5, 1957. Duration of ballet: 13 min. Choreography: George Balanchine. Music: Glazunov (Raymonda). Costumes: Esteban Francés. Cast: Maria Tallchief, André Eglevsky and artists of the New York City Ballet.

i should think there are readers of this site who could identify the soloists. maybe you'll be hearing from them here, soon.

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