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Houston Ballet's Manon

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I saw a performance with Nina and Dominic in it as Manon and Des Grieux, like I mentioned earlier, yesterday. Both danced beautifully as always (well, I rarely get to see Miss Ananiashvili, but Dominic has never failed to impress me), but Nina didn't cross my mind as a "sex kitten." Her face is too sweet and innocent. A very good looking Randy Herrera played the part of the greedy brother, Lescaut, while his real life girlfriend, Leticia Oliveira, starred opposite him as his Mistress. It was interesting to watch Lauren Anderson pantomime the Madame since I usually watch her as the one dancing, not acting.

I'm not the best at critiquing, so I'll just say the one thing that really bothered me (it's actually a reoccuring problem) was how loud every dancer was, even coming from the principals. I guess the theater wasn't built to suffocate the sound enough (they have to share it with Houston Grand Opera).

No, I didn't get to meet them.:( :( :( People that worked there said I could probably catch a glimpse of them at the Academy, but I doubted anyone would take me and Nina would probably have been long by then, the one person I really wanted to meet. I had a great time seeing them perform, anyway.

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Thank you, Old-Fashioned! Thanks for your review, AND that you've just christened the Houston Ballet forum [sound of champagne bottle smashing against hull of forum] Of course, Houston Ballet is one of our major companies, but we didn't have a lot of Houstoners posting here, and so I didn't make a forum for it.

You must keep us posted on the season.

p.s. For those of us who don't follow the company closely, who's Dominic? :(

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