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New dancers-Carrenno and Le Cour


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The NYCB website lists two new dancers-Yoel Carrenno. I think the dancer is Israeli, but that is the only things I could glean from the web. Does anyone have info on this new dancer??

Ask Le Cour, Nila Martin's half brother who has danced with the Royal Danish Ballet has also joined NYCB.


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I may be mistaken, but I think I saw Yoel Carreno perform with National Ballet of Cuba when they were in NYC last fall; performing Basilio in the Don Q pas de deux. I believe he may be a distant relative of Jose Manuel Carreno. He is a strong technician in the Basilio mold; he is also short and on the night I saw him, also not that great a partner. Right now it seems that NYCB has more of that type of dancer than their repertory has roles for, so if this is the same Yoel Carreno, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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The NYCB website has his names spelled as Carrenno, but that could easily be a typo. I think you are right about Carrenno-I just happened to pull his name up on a site about a performance in Israel.

It's exciting to see that NYCB has hired some new male talent. BTW, Ask la Cour is about 20 and was in the RDB corps.


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Ask La Cour was thought to be one of the most promising of the young Danish men. His photo is still up on the RDB web site.

There's no direct link, but if you go to


choose In English (link, top right of board), then Ballet from the left side menu, then Staff, then corps de ballet and scroll down, there he is. Click on his name and get a picture and brief bio.

Thanks for the update, Sneds. :)

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One can access that page directly using the following link:


Err, I'm a bit lost in the Martins family. So he is Nilas Martins' half brother on his mother's side?

(That's off-topic, but it was interesting to notice that the former POB school student Cedric Lambrette was hired in the RDB's corps de ballet).

There seem to be quite a lot of dancers called Carreno, aren't they?

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Ask and Nilas's mother is Lise laCour. She was married to Peter Martins, but I don't know about Ask's father.

laCour's hiring at NYCB must be very recent since, as Alexandra points out, his bio is still up on the 2002-03 version of the RDB website.


P.S. Yoel is Jose Manuel Carreno's half brother and it's more often spelled Joel Carreno. If you search on Google with this spelling, you can find many reviews of his dancing. They seem to indicate that he has much of his brother's talent and is a good partner.

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Yoel Carreño of Cuba and Ask la Cour of Denmark to Join New York City Ballet

New York City Ballet announced today that Sofiane Sylve, a first soloist with Het Nationale Ballet, will appear with NYCB as a guest artist for the 2002/2003 winter season.

A native of Nice, France, Ms. Sylve studied ballet at the Académie de Dance in Nice and began her career as a first soloist with the ballet company of the Stadttheater in Karlsrhue, Germany, in 1990. She joined Het Nationale Ballet of the Netherlands in 1993 and was promoted to first soloist in 1998. Her repertory includes the full-length classics, as well as the choreography of George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, William Forsythe, and Hans van Manen.

Ms. Sylve will make her first New York City Ballet appearances during the Company’s annual holiday season of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker™. This will mark the first time that Ms. Sylve has danced in the United States.

The Company also announced today that Yoel Carreño is joining New York City Ballet as a soloist. A native of Havana, Cuba, Mr. Carreño was formerly a member of the National Ballet of Cuba and was seen in New York during that company’s 2001 season at City Center. He is the half-brother of American Ballet Theatre’s Jose Manuel Carreño.

In addition, Danish dancer Ask la Cour will join New York City Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet. Born in Copenhagen, Mr. la Cour studied at the Ballet School of The Royal Theatre and joined The Royal Danish Ballet in 2000.

New York City Ballet begins its 2002/2003 season on Tuesday, November 26. For information on NYCB performances call 212-870-5570 or visit www.nycballet.com.

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Now that's a good thread. The NY Times is really good at selecting terrible!!!! photos. Like the picture of Ashley Tuttle on the front page of the Sunday Arts section. Ashley is really beautiful, but that picture was not flattering. I think the worst I have seen was one of Carlos Acosta on the front page of the Times advertising the article on him being the most astounding and elegant dancer. It was horrendous. I understand that the Times sometimes insists on using in house photographers, but who selects the actual picture. Pretty unbelievable!!

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Just a note to say that I saw Ask Le Cour dance in Copenhagen Saturday night (November 16) - the Royal Danish seems to be making him work up to the very last minute he gets on the plane.

He did Bournonville's Konservatoriet, a male demi role, although a fairly prominent one. Very nice footwork and good stage presence - tall and rangy, more Peter Martins than Nilas Martins, with a devilish cleft chin that I'm sure will delight the ladies. He could be a keeper.

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