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New Tudor biography

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While browsing on the Dance Books site, I saw this in new titles:

Undimmed lustre, the life of Antony Tudor.

Author: Topaz, Muriel

A chronological biography of one of the most creative forces in twentieth-century dance. Born in 1908 in London, Tudor spent the first decade of his professional life as one of the founding members of Ballet Rambert. He later became a prime mover in the American Ballet Theatre for most of its early history, and was later its associate director. Muriel Topaz's book is based on several personal archives hitherto unavailable, correspondence, and copious research, and reveals some of the reasons behind the misconceptions and contradictions that have been attached to Tudor.

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Well, I hope it's better than the last one, although the title does not bode well. Donna Perlmutter had some interesting information, but her prose style left much to be desired – not an easy read. Some copy editor should have come to her aid, but don't get me started on that. I wonder what the "misperceptions" and "contradictions" are.

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This just came today, from Amazon. It's quite serious with lots and lots of meaty quotes from dancers who worked with Tudor, so it's much more in the Bennahum line than the Perlmutter one. She states her intention to debunk several Tudor myths -- that he was a monster whom dancers disliked, that he created very few ballets (try nearly 50, plus smaller pieces and plays and operas). It's very well-written, I think, and if you have someone who's a Tudor buff, this might be a book for under the Christmas tree.

Available at Amazon.com, using the link on the banner at the top of our forum. Hint hint :)

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