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Kaatsbaan InternationalDance Center Extreme Ballet Showcase 2002

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My dancing daughter and I attended the showcase Saturday August 31,2002. It is located in Tivoli NY at the Kaatsbaan Center.

Remember now this is from a "driver of a dancer."

Martine van Hamel is the Artistic Director

John Meehan, Bonnie Mathis, and Jessica Lang were the Faculty.

27 performers, 4 of those were male.

I think of the names listed 2 were from the ABT Studio Company maybe another also.

The showcase lasted apporx. 1 1/2 hrs.No intermission. Free

It began with a demonstration Class which had center, men's technique, pointe barre and center.

moved onto excerpts from Giselle Act II. Very informal no scenery a lovely short talk by Martine setting the mood. Some solos and most of the students were used in the cast.

Then Giselle Act I with a few solos

This as well as the demonstration class had Michael Kingon as Accompanist.

Then with CD: Excerpts from The long and winding road with some solo dancing again.

and then it finished with these short solo pieces: After Eden, Torso, After Eden and NO Sleep

A final new work by Jessica Lang and all the dancers called Studio Three. All really seemed to enjoy themselves in this piece.

At the end all performers were presented with a lovely flower from Martine.

It was very lovely and organized since Martine stressed they only were working on this program I believe for 4 days.

Kaatsbaan is located in lovely Tivoli NY. Probably about 2 3/4 hrs from NYC.

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