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Kirov@Chatelet Theatre & Japan Tour 2003

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Would any one having an access to the casting info. for their Paris Tour kindly share it with us? I've been asking the Theatre about it but so far no news has been heard. (My guess is it's not that they are negligent but actually have NO info. to spare!) They will open internet booking tomorrow and naturally I'd like to know at least who will be joining the tour before booking tickets....

RE: Kirov's Japan Tour 2003

Their Japanese impresario recently released a bit of info. - tentative dates for their next Japan tour are 20 November through 20 December 2003. Works they plan to bring include: Cinderella; R&J; Swan Lake; Nutcracker. (Of course all subject to change!)

Why no 'Jewels' yet again is beyond me - many a ballet-goers out there must have been greatly dissapointed at the news. I sincerely, absolutely wish they (either the company or the impresario, or both) would change their mind and bring this masterpiece to the country.... IMO it's by far the best work the current Kirov troop could offer...

Lucky Beijing, I must say Kevin!

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Thank you for posting the news of the Japan tour for the Kirov, Naoko -- and I hope someone will be able to give you casting for the Chatelet season; I'm sorry I can't help!

It sounds as though the theater managers think that the Japanese audience is more interested in the traditional story ballets. Having seen the Kirov's Jewels, I sympathize -- I'd much rather see that than what they're offering :) Perhaps next time....

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Naoko, this is the provisonal casting for La Bayadere in Paris. I'll try to find out the casting for the other two ballets.

28 October: Zakharova/Kolb/Tarasova

29 October: Vishneva/Fadeyev/Golub

30 October: Pavlenko/to be announced /Tarasova

31 October: Gumerova/Korsuntsev/Golub.

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Thanks very very much for the info. Kevin. Now I can deterrmine not to go to Paris this time - it was totally up to the casting for the new/old Bayadere; unless Lopatkina would able to make it personally I can't see much point going. I'd rather wait until next year when they bring the production to the UK!

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Naoko, let's hope that Lopatkina will be able dance La Bayadere on the UK tour next year.

Here is the provisional casting for The Nutcracker (choreography by Kiril Simonov) in Paris, thanks to Yapi on Ballet.co.

22 October: Diana Vishneva, Leonid Sarafanov

23 October: Natalia Sologub, Andrian Fadeyev

24 October: Irina Golub, Andrei Merkuriev

25 October: Natalya Sologub, Andrian Fadeyev

26 Oct.mat: Diana Vishneva, Leonid Sarafanov

Leonid Sarfanov is a young dancer who is a new recruit from the Kiev Ballet. I've only seen the second cast myself at the Mariinsky Festival this year.

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Sarafanov is a fabulous technician with lots of showmanship, who won last year's Moscow IBC. His performance in Balanchine's Tarantella took my breath away, I recall. I can imagine the dynamic partnership that he may have with Vishneva. I may have to wear my sunglasses to the Mariinsky.


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I've just been informed of some changes relating to Diana Vishneva's performances in Paris, since NO7's update last week. Diana Vishneva will dance with Andrian Fadeyev in "La Bayadere" on 28 Oct. instead of with Igor Kolb. And in "Nutcracker" Vishneva will also be partnered by Fadeyev on 22 Oct.

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