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Ballet Training in Moscow

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Thanks in advance to all who might have information regarding this question.

Here's some background information....

Next August I am moving to Moscow, Russia (to enter MSU for year-long language study). I have been involved in ballet for many years, 4 of which I consider serious training (but with reality in mind, I don't think my talents extend to a professional career in classical ballet) with a wonderful ballet master. I have the problem, as do many late starters who "switched" over from sport into ballet, of understanding technique but not physically being able to do it with proper turn-out etc. So I am not to the age appropriate grade/level of Vaganova training.

To the point of the matter, I wish to continue training in a somewhat serious fashion when I make my move to Moscow (meaning taking classes from a reputable/quality teacher, but not with a professional classical ballet career in mind). However, I have the impression of all Russian dnacers being involved at a school to the caliber of the Vaganova Academy/Bolshoi. Are there any private studios or places of open classes in Moscow? Are there any studios that offer alternative classes (jazz, modern, character, pointe) in addition to classical technique? Does anyone have any information at all to help? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My name is Kevin and my friend and former

fiance,Svetlana Simina,is a ballet dancer in the

Kremlin Theater of ballet in Moscow.Svetlana

also teaches modern/jazz dance part time at a

small ballet school that is not associated

with the Kremlin Theater.Svetlana graduated

the St.Petersburg Academy of Culture,has work-

ed in Russian dance circles 20 years,speaks

understandable english,and knows many dance

people in Moscow.

If you wish i can ask Svetlana to help you

find the a teacher that is "best suitable"

with your goals.I say "best suitable" because

modern dance is not to common in Moscow where everyone knows ballet.

If i ask Svetlana i am sure she will help,i

talk to her on telephone 3-5 times a month.

My private email is k2356@aol.com

so send me a message if you would like me to

inquire about your future dance needs in Moscow.


Kevin (Detroit,Michigan)

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