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Shoe designer former POB dancer.

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I saw this piece when it ran in print Vogue.

Not to be a pig, but it also said that she stopped dancing when she was seventeen. Now, unless she's like Iolanthe and has lived for a good many years and is *still* only seventeen, the career may have been a "promising" one--cut short by who knows what cause.

I was intrigued by her designs, with the references to costumes, but I thought that Vogue heaped on the Paris Opera/ballet connection a little too liberally. Looking for an angle....

But it still was fun to see---

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I've had a look at the list of the alumni of the POB school hired by the POB since 1975, and there's no "Alexandra Neel". However, she might have come from another school, or might have been only at the POB school and not hired by the POB, or perhaps she changed her name. How old is she?

By the way, when trying to find some information about "Alexandra Neel" on the web, one actually is more likely to find some information about the late great traveller Alexandra David-Neel, who was one of the first Western women to visit Tibet...

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