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Arlene Croce

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I'm a new poster here. Has anyone out there heard anything about a book Arlene Croce is writing that analyzes each of Balanchine's major ballets? I could swear I heard a few years ago that she was working on this project, but I have heard nothing since. I've searched the net far and wide. Am I waiting in vain?

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There was a book that came out a while ago it's called

"Writing in the Dark, Dancing in New Yorker" it was her writings from the New Yorker magazine and her reviews of NYCB were in there.

You can get it at Amazon by using the link on the board.

I'm not sure about a specific book on each of Balanchine's ballets though.

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I forgot to say "welcome aboard" to Phaedra392!

From the New York Review of Books in 1999.

Arlene Croce will publish a collection of her dance reviews from The New Yorker next year. She is currently working on a book about the ballets of George Balanchine. (August 1999)

There's nothing current that I could find though.

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Thanks for the welcome, guys. And Calliope, bless you for finding a reference to the book. I'm not crazy after all. I'm dying to know if the project is still on, and when it's going to be released. It must not be near completion, since there's no news anywhere about it. I think Croce's Balanchine criticism is exquisitely written and almost as pleasurable as the ballets themselves. I cannot wait for this book!

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