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Ballet Music you cannot find..

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I cannot find Le Corsaire and Don Q. I've tried Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com and all the others. Does Anyone else have ballet music you cannot find? Letting Music Executives and Musical directors of Orchestras know you are looking for a peice might encourage them to burn some CDs. I'm actually suprised how little ballet music is available.


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Both are available from Christopher, at


The site was down earlier today, however, I went there a couple of weeks ago, registered for their catalogue, and it arrived in two or three days. I then ordered some CD's, and they arrived just as quickly. Talked to Christopher himself on the phone when I ordered. It's a new business. He has orchestrated class CD's as well. He sends out a demo with his catalogue, but I discussed this demo with him, as I felt it had far too many things for "commercial studios" and not nearly enough ballet. Some of the stuff on the demo is quite awful. But the CD's I ordered are excellent! I ordered Class #7, which is not shown online, but is in the catalogue. It has ONLY classical music from ballets, no other stuff. Also ordered the class versions of Paquita and Don Q, and the full version of Paquita for the school.

The class CD's have far fewer selections but MUCH longer bands, which I find very useful. They are particularly good for center work and pointe classes with upper level classes.

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Corsaire used to be available on English Decca with Bonynge conducting. Don Q in a somewhat idiosyncratic production was available on a CD whose publisher escapes me right now, and looking for it would be problematical, as I'm not bending very easily these days. It was a Bulgarian orchestra (Sofia National Orchestra?) and I believe Boris Spassoff was the conductor. Check your Schwann Opus catalogue - it may still be in print.

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Hmm, where did I put that Schwann Opus Catalogue?

I just found Christopersseminars web site, excellent! they have both Don Q and Le Corsaire. You can even listed to samples! I'm surprised Amazon does not have these CDs!

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