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Documentary on Paris Opera Ballet

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(I'm not quite sure where to post this, so moderators please if you think it would fit better in other forum feel free to move this post were you feel it should be)

Anyway, in Entertainment Weekly dedicated to Fall Movie Preview I found this tiny blurb in section that talks about releases of documentary films in the month of November:

"Etoiles Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet takes a look at the renowned dance troupe;"

(The release date apparently is Nov/8)

Does anyone know what distribution is expected for this or is it going to be released on DVD and VHS right away? I mean not many documentaries are even released in theatres (In Toronto there are occasional opportunities to see documentaries mainly in smaller theatres, but usually those films have some subject matter that is more main stream or at least more marketable than ballet seems to be nowadays)

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Thanks rg,

I was very surprised to read about it's release (I don't think I ever saw a ballet documentary being announced for release like this). It's even listed on separate calendar of movie releases in the same issue (that's where I saw date Nov /8):confused:

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saveta, I think it is the documentary by Nils Tavernier "Tout près des étoiles"which was mentioned in several threads some time ago.

It was released in France one or two years ago, I saw it in a cinema in Paris. It was not in many cinemas, and didn't last that long, but I think that in Paris there is an audience for it: the documentary about Violette Verdy "Dancing for Mr B" was released commercially too, and also some years ago several ballet documentaries by Dominique Delouche. But in general it's rarely released in other French cities, or only for one or two weeks in small "cultural" cinemas.

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