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Alina Cojacaru in Copenhagen

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I was at both performances on 17th and 18th. I have admired Alina Cojocaru for long so it was a dream come true to finally see her live. She was as lovely and perfect as I had hoped. Her dancing is great and she is really acting the role in every detail. The bedroom pas-de-deux and the last scene pas-de-deux being the highlights. According to others, much more initiated than me, her partnering with Johan Kobborg was more perfected on the second night. A curious detail was that on the second night she dropped the book in first act when handing it over to Onegin. It was a mistake but it could well have been in the choreography showing Tatiana timid and nervous in front of Onegin.

On the first night Queen Margarethe II was present and the audience enthusiastic. Less so, for some reason, on the second night.

Alina as Tatiana, Johan Kobborg as Onegin, Thomas Lund as Lenskij and Femke Mølbach Slot from the corps as Olga all got great reviews in "Berlingske Tidende" by Erik Aschengren. If you can read some Danish the link is here:


Alina must be the most exciting dancer there is today. Being only 21-22 years old one wonders what will be of her the next 10-20 years.


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Thanks for the review, Jorgen, and for posting the link -- I couldn't find a review in Politiken. They haven't been doing much with dance recently, but I'm surprised they didn't cover this. (If you happen to see other reviews and could post a link, we'd be grateful :) )

I checked the RDB's web site -- they used to put up casting, but I couldn't find cast lists. Do you know who else was dancing the leads in Onegin?

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Jorgen I checked the Danish pages as well as the English ones before. The link you posted goes to the main page (I think they've set the links of interior pages to all link too the main page). Clicking on the Onegin link gives a list of performances in the right side column, and the conductor, but not the casting, only that Kobborg and Cojocaru will do guest appearances on the 17th and 18th. I was curious about the other casts.

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