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actual images on NYPL site

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i believe someone somewhere sometime on this site noted that the newyork public library catalogue had actual images - select prints and/or photos - up on catnyp. does this ring a bell with anyone? can anyone tell me how to access these digitalized images from the site itself? is there a special designation in the listing that indicates a pic. that can be called up?

or do i hallucinate?


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A collection called "Performing Arts in America, 1875-1923" is available at http://dlc.nypl.org/lpa/nypl/home.html

If that doesn't work, go to www.nypl.org and follow the links to "Digital Library Collections."

Use the "Search" utility to search for the names that interest you. Clicking on a small "thumbnail" picture will enlarge it to fill your screen. The images are clear and fascinating, covering many styles of theatre and dance. You can set aside favorite images in a personal gallery. Note the dates, however; pictures less than 80 years old are not presently available on line.

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Originally posted by rg

many thanks for this prompt and thorough reply.

now i'll have to use some restraint and not fall into the library and wile away hours of surfing.

much obliged.

"Restraint"? I never knew that word existed on the Internet! ;) Surely the whole object is to find the most rewarding ways to waste time. Enjoy!

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