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Camargo Society

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i am acquainted with two excellent historians of english ballet, who are working on a long study of the camargo society. not quite a book but an extensive look at the group. i THINK part one of a propsed 2-part result has been finished and published in DANCE RESEARCH a british journal of dance history. i don't have the issue number in question and don't know anything firm about the second part. the NYPublic Lib. for the Perf. Arts would have a complete run of the journals, but as you are in london you might have an easier way of tracking down this down.

wish i could be more specific, but that's all i know for now. if i learn more i'll post it.

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There was also an excellent study of the Camargo Society by Kathrine Sorley Walker published in Dance Chronicle about four years ago. Like rg, I can't give you the number and volume, but would direct you to the NYpublic library catalog. Dance Chronicle may well be in your local library. (And Walker has been doing a series of articles on British ballet companies that may interest you as well.)

There's also a bit of information in the biographies of Frederick Ashton by David Vaughan and Julie Kavanaugh.

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Thanks, guys! I will soon be a postgrad student so I will be able to look for these journals in the library. I must say, the development of ballet in the UK is fascinating - so many people were so determined there should be British ballet they danced for nothing. Peggy van Praagh - there's someone to admire along with the great names like de Valois and Rambert.:)

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"-so many people were so determined there should be British ballet they danced for nothing. "

This seems to be deeply inbedded in the history of the development of ballet. There are still, today, many people so interested in "dancing" they are doing it for free. We have come a long way in many aspects, but this situation does still exist in the US, perhaps elsewhere too!

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