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Robert Desrosiers Blue Snake

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I recently saw a video of Robert Derosier's 'Blue Snake', which was commissioned for National Ballet of Canada by Erik Bruhn about seventeen years ago.

Has anyone seen 'Blue Snake' or any other works of this choreographer?

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Guest pengcat

I saw this the year the NBC premiered it. 20 years later it is second only to the Kirov's Swan Lake as my favourite ballet moment. It was awestikingly original. I can not think of another life performance that so delivered. If you ever get a chance to see it -- pay any price for a ticket.

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wow this is an old thread...

I've only seen the video of Blue Snake and I loved it--such marvellous costumes and interesting movement. There's also another video out called Inner Rhythm which is about "the making of Blue Snake." Mr. Desrosiers recently choreographed a piece to Mozart's Requiem (which unfortunately I have not seen). Hopefully now that Neve Campbell's dragged Blue Snake back out of obscurity, some company somewhere will revive it? wishful thinking, i know...

edited to add:

does anyone know if there are any videos of Robert Desrosiers dancing?

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