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Robert Desrosiers Blue Snake

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Guest pengcat

I saw this the year the NBC premiered it. 20 years later it is second only to the Kirov's Swan Lake as my favourite ballet moment. It was awestikingly original. I can not think of another life performance that so delivered. If you ever get a chance to see it -- pay any price for a ticket.

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wow this is an old thread...

I've only seen the video of Blue Snake and I loved it--such marvellous costumes and interesting movement. There's also another video out called Inner Rhythm which is about "the making of Blue Snake." Mr. Desrosiers recently choreographed a piece to Mozart's Requiem (which unfortunately I have not seen). Hopefully now that Neve Campbell's dragged Blue Snake back out of obscurity, some company somewhere will revive it? wishful thinking, i know...

edited to add:

does anyone know if there are any videos of Robert Desrosiers dancing?

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