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2002 Prague International Ballet Competition

Renee Renouf

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The following information was supplied me by Olga

Guardia de Smoak from Paris. Olga is a twenty-five year plus veteran observer of international ballet competitions. Ivan Nagy was chair of the Jury and Jana Kurova was artistic director.

The 2002 Prague International Ballet Competition, August 3-10,2002



Gold Joseph Phillips, U.S.A. (his third this year, a second at Jackson, and still a year to complete his studies)

Silver Joaquin Crespo Lopes, Argentina

No Bronze


Gold Cesare Morales, Chile

Silver Yaroslav Salenko, Ukraine (a finalist at Jackson and a member of Miami Ballet)

Encouragement Prize:

Altankhuyag Dugarai, Mongola (a finalist at Jackson and a winner at Perm this year)

Hyun Woong Kim, South Korea



Gold: Eun Ji Ha, South Korea (a finalist at Jackson)

No Silver

Bronze: Dhi Yun Lee, South Korea

Bronze: Seo Yeon Yu, South Korea


Gold: Irina Kolesnikova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Silver: Seh Yun Kim, South Korea (Universal Ballet)

No Bronze

A second competition is being planned for August, 2003 with subsequent competitions every two years.

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Alexandra, thanks for your response.

You'll note that there was no silver amongst the

junior women. At Jackson there was no gold medal for the senior men and no gold medal for the junior women. I believe it must be a certain gut

level gauge of quality.

What relieves me is that juries feel they can

award or withhold according to what they feel is

excellence, and not just give out prizes because they are there to be given and the funds are behind it. I heard discussions about how difficult it was for some Western dancers to be

awarded medals when there was a strong West/Eastern bloc orientation.

I am just grateful, or else want desperately to believe, that fairness, talent, hard work and basic humanity will rise like cream to the top.

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Swanhilda, there is a website, but I am at a loss

to know the URL. I have an old application form somewhere, but I currently am en route to the Mid-

West and East Coast and will be able to look it up only when I return to San Francisco.

There also is a question in my mind whether the

Competition will be possible in 2003, given the enormous devastation of the late summer floods in the Czech Republik. I would think, perhaps erroneously, that funders who might continue to support the Competition would divert some of their funds to support the rehabilitation of some of the historic buildings. But that is only my speculation.

I will go back on the forum in early November with

the specific address unless someone else is aware of the Competition's address.

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