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Favourite NBoC ballerina?

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Guest kemallett

my favorite dancers are in the corps so i don't think anyone has heard of them but they are julie hay and andrea burridge. they both went to my ballet school and i got a chance to meet them both when they came back and did a performance with us. they are both really nice and i think they will do well anywhere they go.:)

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Leigh, I think you'd also love sublime Chan Hon Goh in Mozartiana (and Apollo for that matter).

As for Greta, she is wonderful to me in so many roles. I think I'll always remember her Giselle, she was spectacular in both acts.

But for my favorite NBoC ballerina, I honestly can't decide between two of them.

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The only thing I have seen Goh in was Kitri in Don Q, which wasn't her forte; she's lovely, but not a spitfire (and honestly, NBoC's production of Don Q is solid and reliable, but I don't feel like I have ever really seen Don Q until I sae the Kirov's production this summer.) I know Xiao Nan Yu is very highly regarded as well, but again, I haven't seen her yet in just the right role.

I'm a real fan of Toronto (it has such good associations for me, because I know so many nice people up there), and I hope to see more of the company (and other dance in TO) on future visits.

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Chan Hon Goh has always been a favourite of mine, since I started attending NBoC performances. She is an excellent dancer in both technique and drama, very expressive, beautiful lines, and a genuinely sweet person as well (from the times I have gotten her autograph, or went to her master class). I agree Saveta, she is sublime in Mozartiana and as Tersichore. I also really enjoyed her Tatiana, Ciao Ciao San, and Giselle. I've never seen her Nikiya so I'm hoping she'll be dancing when I go see Bayadere Act 2 this fall.

I saw a lot of Greta last season, and she is also an incredible dancer! She is so confident and one can really sit back and enjoy her dancing because her technique is so strong. I never worry that she'll fall off balance or not finish a turn (I saw her in Sleeping Beauty Act 3- nearly flawless). Naturally, she is made to dance Kitri or in Rubies or the summer pdd of Kudelka's 4 Seasons. She is also growing as an artist, and each performance has added depth. I loved her Juliet last winter, and her terpsichore and calliope as well.

Add Xiao Nan Yu and I'll never be able to pick a real favourite! She is no doubt a very special dancer and person. She continues to outdo herself and makes each role her own. Her stage presence is a wonderful gift that she was born with. I'll never forget her in Solitaire, Serenade, Desir, or Swan Lake.

Leigh, I'm a real fan of NYC;)

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Paquita, I completely agree with your opinion on all these dancers. I would just add that I'm truly admiring Sonia Rodriges the more I see her, as well. She danced with Aleksandar Antonijevic in Romeo and Juliet this season, and they were just both splendid (in title roles), I don't know if you saw that. (In fact, the whole cast was excellent that night, it was such a theatrical experience, sorry I digress)

Leigh, I also saw C.H. Goh in Don Q with Antonijevic. I love both dancers very much, but I thought they were miscasted as Kitri and Basilio. (Maybe better choice of role for Goh would be Queen of Dryads?) I hope you get to see Greta Hodgkinson as Kitri one day! I agree with Paquita, it's her role (but she is perfect to me as Giselle too, she's such a versatile dancer)

(And me too, I'm big fan of both New York and Toronto):)

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I love Chan Hon Goh. Actually, I can't really say there are any principals that I dislike. When they are in roles that suit them well, everyone mentioned thus far can be incredible.

I know that this thread is a wee bit old, but I also noticed Julie Hay in the corps. Something about her bothered me, she seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. I couldn't enjoy watching the corps because I found her distracting somehow. And then one day I saw her perform a solo and it hit me...she stuck out, because, in all honesty, she was better than many others in the corps. I just couldn't appreciate her talent in the corps. I have since grown to love watching her dance.

Heather Ogden is a different story. She doesn't ignite a fire for me. The times that I've seen her dance, she always seemed lovely, with an astonishing sense of balance. Yet in spite of being good, something was a bit bland. Based on what I've read in here, she seems well liked, so maybe my opinion will be a bit unpopular. She's young, so, there's still time for her to give a performance that can break my ice-like exterior. lol

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