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Spring 2002 Ballet Review

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The Spring Ballet Review is out. There are a lot of articles that are appropriate accompaniment to the Kirov season.

Larry Kaplan on Jewels ("Precious Jewels")

Joel Lobenthal on "The Kirov Men"

Don Daniels on "The Kirov's Jewels and Diana Vishneva"

Mariana Horosko on "Alexander Pushkin" (Baryshnikov and Nureyev's teacher)

Mary Cargill's "A Conversation with Peter Boal" (an excellent interview, I think, and I'd say that even if I didn't know Mary :) and with lots and lots of gorgeous photos)

David Vaughan's "The Royal Ballet: End of an Era?"

some recollections - and more gorgeous photos of the late modern dancer Jane Dudley

Joseph Houseal on "La Source"

Nancy G. Moore on "Sacre"

The front of the book has reports from Washington by George Jackson; Chicago by Sybil Shearer; New York by Rachel Straus; and San Francisco by Paul Parish. George Dorris has a "Music on Disc" piece at the back of the book.

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