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Any ideas for end of season promotions?


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Who does everyone think will be promoted - and who do you want to be promoted?;)

I am worried there won't be any, as there are a lot of new dancers starting next season anyway, from other companies, so I jolly well hope they haven't been brought in at the expense of promoting who we already have!

Okay my top three...

Marianela Nunez

Ivan Putrov

Johannes Stepanek

I can't think of any reasons other than they all are great! Ivan and Marianela will surely be promoted to be principals, it has been on the cards for so long now. I feel a bit radical saying this but we have loads of guests clogging up the ladder, I don't think we need them all - why not just have a few at once? So there is plenty of room for promotions, I think. Johannes has had loads to do this season and has been so lovely to watch - he is dancing soloist parts so why not give him the rank?:) He deserves it. When you see him dance you can barely believe he is corps.

Any more ideas? This is sort of carrying on from the thread we had about "ones to watch" in the past season - now it's almost over, what is the verdict? Do you still have the same favourites? I think I do! I know that doesn't make for very interesting debate though!:)

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'Favourite dancers' - my favourite topic! ITA with Johannes Stepanek and Ivan Putrov. It would be silly for Johannes to remain on the bottom rung of the corps when he has taken on so many soloist roles this season.

As for Ivan. I think he'll promoted to first soloist. I won't go as far as principal yet but I don't think it will be long. I'm looking forward to his scheduled Siegfried!

I have doubts about Marianela though - not her her dancing which I think is terrific and I would love to see her to stretch and do roles like Odile/Odette, Giselle and Juliet. But apart from Kitri and Sugar Plum, I don't think she has danced any major principal roles. Plus there are so many great ballerinas in the RB at the moment, it's hard enough accomodating the principals (e.g. there are 7 casts for Swan Lake) and with so many talented female soloists, I don't think it's yet her time. She's still only 20.

Not really predistions, more hopeful thinking.

Ricardo Cervera and Martin Harvey to first soloist. I think Ricardo's long overdue a promotion but I don't know how realistic this is. Martin's been given an Onegin matinee this Saturday - so he can't be doing too badly!

Plus Nastasha Oughtred, Thomas Whitehead, Brian Maloney?

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Oh go on, humour me Sylvia, we have been having this battle over Ivan all year!;) I think it is his time... I am having a nightmare working out how to get the day off work for his Siegfried - should I own up or call in sick? If I own up and they say no, I will have to call in sick anyway, and they will know why and I'll get sacked! Aarghh why couldn't he dance on a more sensible day, or in the evening or something? Grr.:)

Marianela has done Swanhilda too - yes she is young but... Hmm.

I think if you can book for a ballet just to see a certain dancer, they deserve promotion. And I have bought tickets to see ballets specifically for those three dancers, foolish though it may sound to trail to London to see a corps dancer...

Ricardo I agree with, he has been lovely this season - his Mercutio was a highlight! Thomas Whitehead, hmm (did you see his long hair too?!) he pops up in everything doesn't he! There are so many of them who I love watching, it is very hard to choose! I wonder how they finally decide - tough decisions when so many dancers have had a good season!

Natasha Oughtred definitely, she is so light and pretty. I think she is a bit Alina-ish. (Although it isn't fair to make comparisons, I think they have a lot of the same qualities in their dancing)

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well well!! i think im going to have to sidw with sylvia on Ivan, he is a wonderfull dancer but not quite there yet, i think he need another season top mature as a dancer and perfect his partnering before he is promoted(wich i believb he will be) after hes mastered a sloghtly more mature style.

I definately agree about johannes stepneck and also there are a few more very musical delicate dancers from the corps such as Natasha Oughtroad, Iohna Loots and Francesca Filipi that i would say are worth considering for soloist status.

from the 1st artsist i would assume that Martin Harvey,and Bennet gartside will be promoted due to the many roles they have danced this seasoon.

There are only a few soloists that really stand out to me. They are Ricardo Cevera( talk about phrasing!!) and Laura Morera, i think she is just delightfull and i hopes she gets really stretched next season!!

Btw is Vannessa Palmer going to remain a soloist forever??!!

IMHO all of the 1st soloists are excellent in particular Mara Galeazzi, Belinda hately and Jamie Tapper All wonderfull dancers... but is there really any room for them in the overcrowded principal ranks?! in regard to marianella Nunez, she is a really wonderfull dancer and most certainly principal material but not quite yet, maybe one more season with a few few more role that will really push her right up there!!

I know principles cant be promoted but may i take this opportunity to point out how criminally underused Miyako yoshida is these days... i absolutely love alina and undoubtledy she is soemthing truly remarkable (ditto tamar rojo) but there are other principlas!!

o yes and as and afterthought..it will be interesting to see what becomes of Gemma Bond after her olga

Sorry this turned out so long!!



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Vanessa Palmer is perhaps one of the most versatile, dramatically forceful, technically ironclad and joyous dancers to watch.

Her uncontemporary (ballet-wise) physique has I believe kept her from the parts and promotions she so richly deserved. If one looks at the RB in their glory days you had a range of dancers whose physiques differed dramatically from the classically perfect Fonteyn, the Junoesque Grey and Beriosova and the almost Rubenesque Seymour, but the strength of the company lay in the diversity of the dancers physiques. It was a company with an unparallelled rosta of ballerinas, and it was understood that the individuality of each was tied into the unique physical attributes that each dancer brought to the role.

A dancer is inextricably linked to their physique, a company grows rich on the profundity of the artists within its ranks. Ballet is becoming a homogenised art form, where the obssession with the thin is in brigade threatening to make each and every company a carbon copy of each other. Where virtuosity is measured on criteria which fulfill a sterotype.

Vanessa Palmer is almost an anachronism, a dancer who stands out due to the wonderful lush musculature of her body, and who stands out because of the way she has trained that body to do whatever she wants it to do.

Above all I love her dancing because no matter how small or inconsequential the part she is dancing (and I have very rarely seen her dance anything worthy of her talents) she invests it with a joy and integrity and a sheer love of dance that is very rarely seen on the Covent Garden stage anymore.

Stretton indeed seems to value her technique as she is being given an increasingly large number of virtuoso soloist roles under his directorship. I very much hope that he follows this through by giving her a position within the company worthy of her talents.

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I've moved a post, and some responses, off-line until we can check whether or not it was appropriate. Please don't post information that's on company bulletin boards, or told to you by dancers, or overheard in the wings, etc etc etc. When the company is ready to announce promotions officially, we'll be glad to post it.

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Thanks, Lolly. Hordes of promotions.

This is from the web site Lolly has linked to above -- the web site has been changed quite a bit since the last time I visited, so Royal Ballet fans might want to click and take a look around.

Promotions, dated August 2002:

Marianela Nuñez is promoted to Principal.

Ivan Putrov is promoted to Principal.

William Tuckett is promoted to Principal Character Artist.

Laura Morera is promoted to First Soloist.

Ricardo Cervera is promoted to First Soloist.

Justin Meissner is promoted to First Soloist.

Edward Watson is promoted to First Soloist.

Bennet Gartside is promoted to Soloist.

Martin Harvey is promoted to Soloist.

Thomas Whitehead is promoted to Soloist.

Natasha Oughtred is promoted to First Artist.

Brian Maloney is promoted to First Artist.

Ernst Meisner is promoted to First Artist.

Johannes Stepanek is promoted to First Artist.

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Congrats to all those promoted, especially William Tuckett who my mum taught at primary school when he was 7 :D , and me and William went to the same ballet school pre-his joining the RBS!! He's about 3 or 4 years older than me, and we used to watch him in class from the doorway before our classes - he was always destined for great things!!

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For the record, here, as it appears on the Royal Opera House website, is a list of those joining and leaving the Royal Ballet.


The following dancers join the company in September 2002.

Robert Tewsley from Stuttgart as Principal.

Jose Martin from Boston Ballet as Soloist.

Deirdre Chapman from Rambert as First Artist.

Isabel McMeekan from BRB as First Artist.

Valeri Hristov from Pacific Northwest as First Artist.

Tim Matiakis from Royal Danish as First Artist.

Thiago Soares from Brazil as First Artist.

Andrej Uspenski from Royal Swedish as an Artist.

Ryoichi Hirano (Prix de Lausanne winner apprentice) as an Artist.


The following dancers leave The Royal Ballet at the end of the 2001/2002 season.

Hubert Essakow

Viviana Mastrella

Justin Meissner

Leire Ortueta

Ashley Page

Jenny Tattersall

The Royal Ballet also wishes to announce that Donald MacLeary retires at the the end of the 2001/2002 season after 48 years service.

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