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Varna Ibc 2002


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I know that Varna IBC is coming up...! The competition will take place from July 15th -- 30th in Varna, Bulgaria. Is anyone attending the event? Are there any former IBC medalists who will be participating in the competition? Jeannie, where are you?! :)

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I have some information on the Chinese dancers only.

After the first round, Zhang Rao, a male dancer from the National Ballet of China, ranked NO. 1, and his partner Jin Yao ranked second(at Senior level).

Another Chinese male dancer ranked first at the junior level.

Sorry I have only heard about the Chinese dancers.


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Jeannie, unfortunately, seems to have a business travel schedule that doesn't take ballet competitions into account! I have a friend going to be on the critics panel, as it turns out, and I'll get a report when he comes back, but no news in advance. Won't they mostly be the same people who were at Jackson? There are some dancers who seem to do the competition circuit, rather like golfers and marathon runners :)

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And the winners are:

Special Varna Jubilee prize:

Arsen Mehrabyan (Armenia)

Male senior gold Boyko Dossev (Bulgaria)

Female senior gold Jin Yao (Chna)


special award -- Lu Meng (China)

male gold: Sergei Kheilak (German)

female gold: Izabel Sokowlowska (Poland)

Choreographer's prize:

John Neumeier

Yuri Bubinocheck

Critics prizes:

classical -- Marcin Kupinski (Poland)

contemporary -- Nikolai Vivszhanin (Russia)

classical -- Maria Kochtkova (Russia)

contemporary -- Alexandra Sourodeeva

(This report was phoned in to me by someone on the scene, after the competition was completed and the medals awarded. I can't be sure of the spellings.)

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Guest Elias

Thank you for telling all the prize winners. As far as I can see only the mens bronze medallist is missing. Do you know who it is ?

By the way, was there also a prize for the best non competing partner?:)

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The complete list of Varna prizes:

Arsen Mehrabyan (Armenia), Jubilee Prize

Boyko Dossev (Bulgaria / Hamburg Ballet), Senior Men's Gold ...

Zhang Yao (China), Senior Men's Silver

Alexander Alexandrov (Bulgaria), Senior Men's Silver

Ulian Topor (Germany / Moldavia), Senior Men's Bronze .

Jin Yao (China), Senior Women's Gold

Helene Bouchet (France / Hamburg Ballet), Senior Women's Silver

Irina Kolesnikova (Russia), Senior Women's Silver

Anastassia Kolegova (Russia), Senior Women's Bronze

Lu Meng (China), Special Junior Prize

Sergei Kheilik (Germany), Junior Men's Gold

Yuhao Guo (China), Junior Men's Silver

Weng Yaosheng (China), Junior Men's Bronze

Izabela Sokolowska (Poland), Junior Women's Gold

Alexandra Sourodeeva (Kazakhistan), Junior Women's Silver

Maria Kochetkova (Russia), Junior Women's Silver

Sarah Mestrovic (Germany), Junior Women's Bronze .

Soo Youn Cho (Korea), Junior Women's Bronze

Ilia Kuznetsov (Russia), Partnering Prize

Duan Jingting (China, female), Youngest Competitor

Le Geng (China, female), Encouragement Prize

Martha Petkova (Bulgaria), Encouragement Prize

John Neumeir, Choreography Prize #1

Jiri Bubenicek, Choreography Prize #2

Press Jury Prizes:

Marcin Kupinski (Poland, Senior), Classical Male Interpretation Prize

Nikolai Viuzhanin (Russia, Senior), Contemporary Male Interpretation Prize

Maria Kochetkova (Russia, Junior), Classical Female Interpretation Prize

Alexandra Sourodeeva (Khazakistan, Junior), Contemporary Female Interpretation Prize.

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I've just received my copy of the Sept. issue of the UK magazine "Dance Expression", which is a special issue devoted to the Varna IBC. There is a long report on the Varna competion by Jean Rush with many lovely photos by Ken Rush. Jean Rush was a member of the international press jury for this 20th anniversary competition.

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