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Kathleen Tracey


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I had heard a rumor about her retirement several weeks ago and I am sadly confirming it. I had a brief conversation with her recently where she said that Tuesday night she will dance for the last time as the princess in FIREBIRD. I have really enjoyed watching Kathleen develop. She is one who has truly become a better and more complete dancer each year, and while I am sad to see her go, I credit her with retiring while she is at the top of her game.

She is very excited about future plans--a quote: "there are so many things I want to do". Best of luck, Kathleen, and thank you for choosing SPAC to give your final performance, it is a honor.

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Thanks for the scoop, rk. I'm sad to see her go too -- I also thought she was at the top of her game this season. But as you say, that's the best time to retire. By chance, I'll be there Tuesday night to see her farewell. It will be yet another NYCB milestone that I've fortuitously happened upon at SPAC. They started the first year Alice and I went there, in 1978, and saw Baryshnikov's NYCB debut. Great place you've got there!

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It's sad those in NYC didn't get a chance to say "goodbye" .

I just wonder if "Firebird" was a choice role to leave with, but then again, I don't think soloists really get much of a send off anyway.

She'll be missed, her Lilac Fairy was always one of my favorites and I admire her resilience, really any dancers, but to come back from tough injuries.

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Calliope, I also wondered about the Firebird choice. I have already seen Kathleen and Rachel both, and I liked Rachel better in the part--not that it is a huge part either, but Kathleen did mention that she likes wearing that gorgeous costume and being a princess. OTOH, Kathleen did a lovely job as the Dark Angel in Serenade. And I would be surprised if there were a huge deal made anyway, but I'll surely let you know.

It is rare that we witness a retirement here in Saratoga, but I understand your feelings completely.

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I am so surprised and so sad to learn this about Ms. Tracey. There is no doubt that she will surely be missed by many - by her fellow dancers and her audience, as well. :D

Naturally I have no idea what her plans are but I will say that my daughter has absolutely loved having her as one of her main teachers at the NYSSSA program this summer. She is apprently an excellent teacher - wouldn't it be nice for the SAB students to benefit from her talents? If not, I hope it is Ms. Tracey's own choice not to teach there... If she does choose to teach, I certainly hope she publicizes where she will be. :)

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