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Contacting Pointe Magazine

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Hi all,

About 10 weeks back, I subscribed to Pointe Magazine and had my credit card billed accordingly. However, I have not received a single issue as yet and the website's subscription enquiry form leads me to a bad gateway. Does anyone know how I can contact them and is there anyone who ever had this problem with the magazine?

I'm an overseas subscriber by the way.


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I'd suggest going to their web site and contacting any link that works. I'm sure someone will respond and point you in the right direction. There should also be a street address somewhere on that web site.

They also have a message board, so if all else fails, you might try a message there. I don't think their boards are closey moderated, but they may well have someone checking them

Glitches do happen sometimes, not to m ention human error :) (I should make it clear that this site has no connection whatsoever with Pointe magazine, lest this turn into a thread about problems with Pointe!)

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Guest Ange4567

The same thing happened to me- don't worry it will come.

They ALWAYS send the bill out first.. Then they'll prob send oine that saids "I hope your enjoying your first issue you received by now" You'll probably be concerned but don'rt worry, it should come a week or two after this second message.

Theres no number to call by the way- doesn't that seem weird?

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Here is the company who prodcues all the magazines, inlcuding Pointe magazine, their address, tel No. and Fax.

Lifestyle Ventures LLC

250 West 57 Street, Suite 420

New York, NY 10107

phone: 212 265-8890

fax: 212 265-8908


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