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Saveta -

Most probably it was the Divertimento Brillante, the final section of four basically unrelated small ballets presented together under that title. Balanchine choreographed the Divertimento for Villella and Patricia Macbride and I believe the music is for solo piano. The only section of that ballet that is currently danced today is Valse-Fantaisie.

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the Glinka 'divertimento' mentioned here was filmed w/ EVillella and PMcBride in Canada on a telecast that included "Concerto Barocco" and "Apollo." the film date is, if mem. serves, '68, just before Farrell left NYCB in '69. (Farrell leads Barocco and dances Terpsichore in this telecast.) perhaps i'm misremembering here, but i think Villella restaged this duet at some point for his Miami City dancers, tho' if he did i don't think it was kept around very long. perhaps the several CBC kinescopes of NYCB made during this era will one day be released commerically.

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'divertimento brillante' also names the glinka music tho' i don't see any more info, such as an opus no. etc., listed anywhere.

it seems the CBC telecast i've already noted is dated '69 in 'choreography by george balanchine: a catalogue of works' [which incidentally i gather is being updated, to include new stagings and recently discovered information about some of the older and short-lived works] the same book also notes that in '68 'divertimento brillante' was also telecast by NBC on the bell telephone hour. (perhaps that's the footage included in 'a man who dances' - i haven't looked at my copy of that tape lately.)

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