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June 20th: ABT: Le Corsaire

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WOW! That was my first reaction. Palmoa Herrera was a beautiful Medora (my, she has certainly cleaned her arms up!), and Carlos Acosta was a great partner for her. Acosta was a dashing and gallant Conrad. The three slave girls (Gillian Murphy, Michelle Wiles, and Maria Riccetto) were great. However, Murphy was definitely the flashiest, accomplishing triple and quadruple pirouettes. Xiomara Reyes created an adorable Gulnare, and Joaquin de Luz pulled off a cunning and deliciously evil Birbanto.

These stars were all outshone, however, by Angel Corella (what else is new?). The Act 2 Slave Dance was incredible. Corella wowed the audience with his spectacular leaps and turns (but maybe he could've smiled a little?). Herrera held her own with her fouette turns. The slave dance alone received a standing ovation. You could tell that each of them were feeding off the energy of each other.

Can you tell I liked it?:)

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