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Another Artistic Director summarily fired

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I'm always suspicious of boards that fire the founding artistic director (unless the board itself searched for and found the first artistic director). It seems pretty shabby treatment to me... it seems that if you've kept someone on for 15 years, even it is on a year-to-year contract basis, you don't have as casual a relationship as Barb Stephens implies:

Barb Stephens, board member and general manager of the ballet company, agreed. "He's just on a contract year to year," she said of Bennett. "It's just a contract that wasn't renewed."

At a salary like that, with no benefits, for someone in their 70s... it sounds to me like he's been making an "in-kind" contribution for years, even if the tax accountants wouldn't put it on paper.

Not to give more of an explanation implies there was something unspeakable going on until one reads about the board firing the founding AD...

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