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Studio Company

Guest Sylvie2B

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Guest Sylvie2B

Does anyone know how you would audition for studio company. Do they hold open auditions or do you have to contact ABT. Also do most of the dancers in the Studio Company going on to dance for ABT or do the majority of them go to other companies? I hope to someday dance for this company and want to know if through the studio company is a realistic way. Thanks!

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I believe that auditions for the studio company occur at the same time as auditions for the ABT summer programs. The ABT webpage says:

"If you would like to audition for American Ballet Theatre's Studio Company, please call the Studio Company Manager at (212) 477-3030, ext. 3206."

The ABT Studio Company appears to be one of the best ways to work towards a contract with ABT. Quoting from the ABT webpage:

"...ABT's Studio Company prepares young dancers to enter American Ballet Theatre,..."

The Studio Company dancers sometimes perform with ABT in the full-length ballets and apprentices seem to be mostly drawn from the studio company. In fact, a large perdentage of the current ABT corps advanced to the company from the Studio Company. If I'm not mistaken, Herman Cornejo is one the most well-known Studio Company alumni now in ABT.


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