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Return of Fille du Pharaon, Nov 28, Moscow


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Petipa Lovers who were saddened by the premature withdrawal of the reconstructed 'Fille du Pharaon' ('Pharaoh's Daughter') from the Bolshoi Ballet's repertoire last year: here's some good news. My Moscow sources -- confirmed by the official Bolshoi Ballet website (www.bolshoi.ru) -- report that 'Fille' is being dusted off for one big gala performance on November 28, which will take place at the enormous (6,000+ seat) Kremlin Palace of Congresses Theater, rather than at the Bolshoi...but with the full Bolshoi Ballet cast, of course. There's a very good possibility that Nina Ananiashvili (in town for a string of performances during that period, including her 20th anniv. Gala Benefit at the Bolshoi theater) will reprise the role of Aspicia...and a so-so chance that, on this occasion, the ballet may be filmed for commercial release at some future date.

Why the sudden change of heart on this ballet? I'll guess that last spring's departure of the Pugniphobe conductor Rozhdestvensky -- whose idea it was to withdraw Fille from the rep -- may have something to do with it...plus, perhaps, a bit of pressure from a prima ballerina of NA's stature? Whatever, I know that this will make a number of ballet fans very, very happy.

Caution: Any Bolshoi (or Kirov) scheduling/casting is always subject to change, up to the last minute. However, here is the link to the official Bolshoi website, where you can see the revised schedule for yourselves and (if you are risk takers) can even purchase tickets online. Enjoy!


Additional insights/additions/corrections from our Moscow-based members and/or Nina A. fans worldwide are welcomed!

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Not only dancing but it appears that she will be the centerpiece of a several-days-long celebration of her 20th anniversary, during the late November/early December period. Perhaps this bodes well for the Bolshoi's appearance in DC next June...I mean, maybe by then a few factors will change & DC audiences might be treated to more than "Grigorovich Oldie-Goldies Week"?

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Please allow me to make couple of corrections.

La Fille du Pharaon is or will be cancelled in nearest future.

Nina Ananiashvili has basically left the Bolshoi. She has not performed at the Theatre since early March. In every interview she expresses her disgust with the administration. Nina’s is quite easy to understand and even easier to support.

Her 20 year’s Gala on December 7 is going to happen at the Bolshoi, but the administration has nothing to do with it.

She is not coming to DC, neither she plans to take part in any other tour of the company.

Bolshoi will bring to Washington «Swan Lake» of guess who and his «version» of «Bayadere».

Nearly the same is happening with N. Gracheva. I’m afraid that American public will have to watch Volochkova.

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Thanks, Daron. This conflicts with what I continue to hear from my sources but, of course, this is no surprise.

Daron - So is her Gala back on for Dec 7th? That's what I heard several months ago, then was told more recently that it had been moved up to Monday, November 26. Geez...no wonder that Nina A. is so frustrated with Bolshoi management. Who can blame her?

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Kevin, neither Nina, nor Gracheva will appear in Beijing. Volochkova and Antonicheva will perform.

Jeannie, Gala is still there – December 7. We cannot wait.

They main reason of Nina’s conflict with the administration is that Akimov and Co. are quite effectively taking the Bolshoi back to 60s. Frankly, I hardly imagine how you – balletomanes of D. C. – will sit through idiotic and ugly production of Grigorovich’s Swan Lake.

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Daron, thanks a lot for your casting information for the Bolshoi's tour to Beijing. Actually I have other plans and will not be able to attend the performances in Beijing.

I was informed last week that the Bolshoi is currently in negotiation about a possible tour to Hong Kong next spring. I do hope they won't bring this new production of Swan Lake!

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