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ABT doing Balanchine

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After seeing what ABT did to Bizet in October at the City Center, I decided not to subject myself to that experience again. So I passed on all the Symphony in C performances at the Met. Now I hear that they have greatly improved their interpretation of this ballet. Oh well....

We did see the Tchaik. mixed bill on May 23. It was a mixed evening in every sense. I stand by my contention that ABT cannot do Balanchine, at least not in the way that I like to see it.

That said, the Tchaik. pas de deux was splendid. Not anything like I have ever seen in before (and I have seen many combinations over 25 years of watching NYCB) but exciting and lyrical all at once. I did not enjoy the interpretation of Theme and Variations, particularly the pas de deux. Found it a disservice to Balanchine's philosophy.

I'll try to write more about this later, because I have some responses to the NYT article. But now I am running late for a trip to Tanglewood, so..later!

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I think that, while Weese is out injured across the plaza, Gillian Murphy is about the best Balanchine dancer I can see right now for either Symphony in C, 1st Movement (not 3d movement though) or Theme and Variations. ABT did a very good overall job with the performance of Symphony in C I saw last Wednesday night.

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