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Two New Dance Movies

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Been reading on another site that there are two new dance movies centered around the ballet world either in production or pending release.

Patrick Swayze and Rhasta Thomas are just two of the names involved in "Without a Word" being driected by Swayze's wife, Lisa Niemi. Franchise Classics is releasing the film which just finished post-production a few weeks ago. No release date has been announced but it is anticipated later this year. The film is about a stuggling dance company and their attempts to reconstruct a lost work. It was shot on a shoestring budget in Winnepeg last spring. I could find little official information on the show on-line, but there is an unofficial fansite link here. It's pretty detailed and fairly well done:


The other project is just heading to into production. No solid information about this one as yet, but Robert Altman is set to direct an ensemble piece about the inner workings of a ballet company called "The Company." Former dancer Neve Campbell is set to star. If memory serves, Campbell was offered a lead in "Center Stage" and turned it down stating the film wasn't "real enough." I can only imagine, between Campbell and Altman, this film should not only be fairly realistic but entertaining as well. FYI, Altman is no stranger to the dance world so it's not necessarilly an outsider looking in. Could be fun. If I learn more I'll pass it along.

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Thanks for the link. I'm hoping to use some connections here in town to score a copy of the script. I'd love to see what it is. If it's true Altman, the script will be the first thing to go. But I'd still love to see it. I'll report in if I have any success.

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Twelve actors from The Goodman Theatre read the script in studio B at the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago studios with Barbara Turner, the head of Killer Films, the dancers, artistic staff and Artistic Director of The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago in attendance, on May 29th.

Barbara Turner spent the past two years off and on with The Joffrey. Many times Neve Campbell was also there taking classes, watching rehearsals, watching performances, riding the tour bus, watching the open call audition, and joining Barbara Turner's interviews with dancers, artistic staff, wardrobe, stage management, and even the partners and relatives of people associated with 'The Company'.

The script will have to be trimmed because there is enough material for a three hour movie. Ms Turner who is known for the quality of her writing, is very happy to have Mr. Altman direct even though he might totally go in other directions. She said that he is the person she wants to direct this movie.

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