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Friederich Vogel Wins Erik Bruhn Prize, 2002, in Canada!

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Stuttgart's elegant young soloist, Friederich Vogel, just won the 1001 Erik Bruhn Prize, held in Canada. Vogel is no stranger to the ballet-competitions scene, having won a top medal at the 1998 Jackson IBC, in Mississippi, USA.

See the 'Ballet Competitions' forum for more on the Bruhn Prize 2002.

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He danced Giselle Act II pdd and In the Middle... with Alicia Amatrian (also a lovely ballerina, and a principal dancer now!). He was wonderful to watch! I agree, he is just so elegant and clean. I would deffinately like to see more of him, but alas, I doubt that Stuttgart is coming to Canada anytime soon :blushing:

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