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Next season?

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I tried looking on the RDB wesbite, but next season's schedule is not up yet. Does anyone have some information about this?

I've also read somewhere that RDB was going to build a new theatre, which makes me wonder: what will happen to the old one? Thanks very much in advance.

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Hi, Terry. There was a post a few weeks ago by Effy on the repertory -- I don't think it's been made official yet.

Here's the link to that thread:


On the Theatre, they are building a new one. I was told in an interview with someone in the RDB administration two years ago that the ballet would share the new theater (which will have a much bigger stage) with the opera and that one of the reasons for the new theater was so the ballet could do "the big ballets, like Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty" and that they'd only be dancing on the Old Stage for Bournonville, and smaller works. But a Danish colleague emailed me a few days ago and said that wasn't accurate, that the new theater was for the opera (which is very popular now in Copenhagen, while the ballet company is almost ignored in the Danish press) and that the ballet would remain in Gamle Scene (the Old Stage, the present Royal Theatre).

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I agree, Katherine, but I wonder if it's all been settled yet? There has been so much shifting about, that may well continue. The ballet company used to perform its modern evenings on New Stage; that ended in the '90s.

I will say (especially in light of the recent discussions of gossip :) ) that I'm citing a colleague who attended several press briefings and was also summarizing what had appeared in the Danish press.

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