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Kirov in Mexico

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FYI: I just found this in the website. The Kirov will do 7 performances of Giselle and Le Corsaire at the Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, in May (don't know what dates). This is a very huge venue and 5,000 tickets are expected to be sold in each performance!! The casts announced include Nioradze, Zelensky, Kolb, Zakharova, Makhalina, Ruzimatov, Samodurov, Tarasova, Amosova, Ivanchenko, Kuznetsov, Zhelonkina, and Korsakov.

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NO7, thanks for your always quick and reliable news on the Kirov. I don't suppose you'll make the trip to Mexico this time to see them again after your trip to attend the Maryinsky Festival.

By the way, in St. Petersburg last week the Kirov soloist Irina Golub made two debuts - in the new Nutcracker partnered by Ilya Kuznetsov, as well as in "Rubies" with Anton Korsakov.

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It's interesting to know that the Kirov received a 'cold' response from the audience in Mexico but good reviews from the critics.

According to local newspaper, the ovation was lukewarm (only a few managed to shout encore/bravo) and soon fading away. I believe this is a rare phenomenon for the Kirov. One of the critics blamed on the poor visibility of the stage that deprived the audience of full appreciation and enjoyments, despite high ticket prices. However, the very first night of Giselle, led by Svetlana Zakharova and Igor Kolb, was performed in full house, and the critics were impressed by the grace and virtuosity of the dancers so much that they felt as if they entered into the territory of the dream. Good one! ;)

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Yes, indeed Kevin, the Mexican audience gradually showed more enthusiasm in the second night of Giselle. With almost 10 minutes of continuous applause, the audience enjoyed more for the interpretation by Irma Nioradze and Igor Zelensky, who as the critics claimed were in sublime form.

The first night of Le Corsaire, performed by Tatiana Amosova, Evgeny Ivanchenko, and Irina Zhelonkina,also received positive reviews, by the way.

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I heard that the last night of the Kirov's Giselle in Mexico was led by Diana Vishneva and Faroukh Ruzimatov. NO7, can you please confirm that?

Back home in St. Petersburg, the Kirov will premiere a Shostakovich evening on 30 May including the Leningrad Symphony, and the Young Lady and the Hooligan.

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