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La La La Human Steps

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Based in Montreal, there is a modern dance company called LaLaLa Human Steps. I was wondering if anyone had seen the company perform, of have heard anything about the company. I know one of the dancers in the company, and I'm just wonderign how well known the company is. I've never seen the company perform but I hear lots of good things about it.


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Mel is right, the company does have a following, as does Edouard Locke - whom I think is doing a work for Paris Opera Ballet next season.

I hope others will tell gwschloss more about the company (I've not yet seen them). In the interest of housekeeping, though, I'm moving this to the "Dance" forum, since the company isn't a ballet company.

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The company is quite well known I believe (at least in Canada) and has been around for about 20 years. The founder, édouard Lock, was recently featured in the Canadian French-language magazine L'actualité (1 Dec 2001 issue). He has won many awards, including the Order of Canada (this February)--for lifetime achievement--and the National Arts Centre Prize, for his exceptional contribution to performing arts in Canada. Some phrases used in the article describing the dancers: "jusqu'au-boutisme corporel" (toeing the lines of physical possibility), "redéfin[ent] l'art du mouvement," "défient les lois de la gravité" (defy the laws of gravity), and their incredible speed.

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