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Live-Streamed and On-Demand Performing Arts Videos - Spring / Summer 2024

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Twelve high-definition videos of prior years' Summerscape Opera performances at Bard College's Fischer Center are now available to stream on demand here

Summerscape Opera programs lesser-known works by both well-known and out-of-the-mainstream composers, and the production values are uniformly high. Here's what's on offer:

Die Liebe der Danae
Richard Strauss (2011)

Le roi malgré lui (The King in Spite of Himself)
Emmanuel Chabrier (2012)

Sergey Taneyev (2013)

Carl Maria Von Weber (2014)

The Wreckers
Ethel Smyth (2015)

Pietro Mascagni (2016)

Antonín Dvořák (2017)

Anton Rubinstein (2018)

The Miracle of Heliane (Das Wunder der Heliane)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold (2019)

King Arthur (Le roi Arthus)
Ernest Chausson (2021)

The Silent Woman (Die Schweigsame Frau)
Richard Strauss (2022)

Henri VIII
Camille Saint-Saëns (2023)

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Wow, that's quite the list!

I've actually seen Die Schweigsame Frau: it was playing in Munich in 1977 when I was on my way to Vienna, and they were offering student rush tickets.  It was quite wonderful, and I'm glad to be able to see it again closing in on 50 years later.

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Posted (edited)

Jacob's Pillow has announced their free live-stream of the Royal Ballet at 8:00 PM EDT on Saturday July 6, 2024:


The program and a registration link for the live-stream are here.


An 24-hour "encore" web cast of this performance - evidently video-on-demand - is scheduled for 12:00 PM EDT on Wednesday July 10 for 24 hours until Thursday July 11.  (The Pillow says "EST" but I'm stubbornly thinking that's a typo.)


Evidently, all the 8:00 performances offer the same repertory, with some changes of cast, mostly excerpts, duets and solos from the Royal's repertory. 

Having now seen the Saturday evening livestream, the word that comes to me is, "Hermetic"; I couldn't get into it at all.

Nor did I care for this one, either, but the cast looked better in it to me. 

Meaghan Grace Hinkis distinguished herself, with the excellent Francisco Serrano, in "If I Loved You" from MacMillan's "Carousel" after intermission on Saturday; I believe that performance will be available Wednesday into Thursday.

Mayara Magri, Saturday night's dancer, was unable to bring "Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan" to life; reportedly this is only Osipova's accomplishment.  (The cast list is at https://www.flipsnack.com/jacobspillow/print-program-the-royal-ballet-of-the-united-kingdom-2024/full-view.html for now, at least.)

Wheeldon's "For Four", to an unidentified Schubert Quartet, has got a hell of a lot of turns in it, but the dancers always look very good in it, very present, and even some of those turns are not filler.

The pas de deux from MacMillan's "Carousel", brilliantly acted by Mayara Magri with an excellent partner in Matthew Ball is one of the best times on this program, but I'd quibble about topping my list with it.

Trying to sum up, I'd say the program is better after intermission than before.     


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putting the comments in program order
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I watched the live stream from Jacob's Pillow. With some exceptions, it's worth watching.  Neither the excerpts of the Tanowitz work as opener nor the closing McGregor ballet are works I want to see again.  I love "Diamonds" but  always prefer to see it danced by a taller ballerina.  I found Lamb's performance  dull, "correct" enough but lacking in any spark and her back seemed very inflexible.  I thought she was much more expressive in the McGregor ballet.  I really enjoyed all the dancers in the Wheeldon ballet.  I saw the "Five Brahms Waltzes" on TV, danced by Lynn Seymour back in the day. She was wonderful.  I imagine Osipova is wonderful  in it too but I still enjoyed seeing Magri's performance.  "Manon", the grand pas de deux from Giselle, and "Diana and Acteon" were all enjoyable although not great.    Wouldn't it be terrific if ABT could do a live stream of anything?

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Posting while Marta was.  Looks like we saw the same show, doesn't it?  (I remember Seymour's "Five Brahms Waltzes" too!  A better video than Markie Polo's silent, hand-held one on YouTube:


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@Jack Reed  Thank you for the Brahms Waltzes.  Seymour was magnificent.  I believe I saw this on TV in the mid-70s, not long after Ashton had made it.  Didn't Ashton see Duncan dance when he was quite young?  The fifth waltz, both music and choreo, pierces my heart.

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The fifth waltz is #15 in Sixteen Waltzes, Op. 39.  It's my favorite Brahms.

This was the first time I've seen the ballet, and I'm really happy I did. 

Seymour was everything in that ballet.

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On 7/8/2024 at 9:26 PM, Helene said:

 Seymour was everything in that ballet.

Just about what I thought, watching the "Dance in America / Trailblazers of Modern Dance" tape on Facebook just now.  What did Fred Ashton have to do with this? I thought.  It's all flowing from her, like a broadcast into space, our "space".  (Of course, if we shut off the enjoyment, the transport, of great art, great dance, and think about it, we know - better? - no, just different.)

Never mind, on to the dance:  Five Brahms Waltzes starts up a little before Sir Fred stops, at 15:02 into the tape.

There was another broadcast of another Seymour performance of these dances from the '70's, about a year and a half later, according to my notes, this time in a program called "The Royal Ballet Salutes the U. S. A." broadcast here in Chicago by the Independent WGN station.  Pretty content with finding this after all these years, I've not searched the Internet for it.

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