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Thank you so much for posting this, @volcanohunter!  I was about to give up World Ballet Day for the day, given how many times the feeds froze, many, many times trying to watch joint Dance Theatre of Harlem and Pacific Northwest Ballet joint company class on Facebook Live.  (DTH is in town to perform two shows this Saturday, a perfect opportunity to see both companies in one day.)

I really loved the red-haired ballerina in the quartet.  Based on the credits and process of elimination, I think that is Elizabeth Sykes, who is now a PhD student at University of South Florida, according to her LinkedIn profile.  (I couldn't tell from her LinkedIn photo that it was she, but, in the video, she looks less like the photos of the other women in the credits., but the performance was from 2011.)  From her undergraduate work at the University of Florida, which she attended before she stopped dancing in 2021 is this video (on YouTube), Ballet and Biomarkers.


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