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Is anyone being forced to update your profile before it will allow you site access?  This might be if you log in anew.  

There is a setting that would allow us to do this, but it isn't configured for our site.  However, I did a site upgrade last night, and I'm trying to find out whether they introduced a bug.  This likely would apply to people who registered before ~2005, when we added more required profile fields.

If you're prompted for this, there is an "Edit Profile" button in the upper right corner, and please just enter "??" or meaningless text in the fields.

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This appears to be a "feature," ie tying intial registration to every attempt to log in, if those elements haven't been filled in.

I tried to find a notice that I could post before people came in, but I haven't been able through various ways of testing to get the prompt that members have been getting.  I tried removing the data from now-required Profile elements, logging out, and then trying to get back in again, and I'm not being prompted to fill them in. 

I'm still plugging away based on help forum suggestiions, but, so far, nothing is working :wallbash:.

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