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Wednesday, August 31


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A profile of Houston Ballet's Harper Watters.


“[There] was just something about ballet that was so refined and so simple, and it gave me this clean palette just to make something of my own,” said Watters. “I felt like it was so regimented that it was almost giving you the tools to do what you want with it.” 

Continuing his training, the studio quickly became Watters’ haven, a place where he said he felt comfortable turning up the volume on his identity. 


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An interview with Chun Wai Chan.


During his stay in China, Chan also went to Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, to teach ballet for rural children. Those kids, who had no idea of what ballet was at first, fell in love with this elegant art after getting along with Chan for three days.

"I saw stars and the passion for ballet in their eyes. I'm very happy that I have planted the seeds of ballet dreams in their hearts," Chan said.


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