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So sorry to report that David Warner had died at age 80.

The Guardian


David Warner was a distinguished English Shakespearean actor, in fact one of the great stage Hamlets of his generation but, in movie terms, and especially as he got older, his strong, intelligent face and equine handsomeness almost made him the English Max von Sydow, eminently castable in supporting character roles as troubled or darkly villainous people in scary films.


The Times


David Warner channelled the despair of his childhood into arguably the greatest performance of Hamlet in the 1960s. After his parents separated in his early childhood, they kept “stealing” him from each other and he consequently attended 11 schools where he made no friends. Eventually he started going to the cinema as the only escape from the psychodramas at home.

Appreciation by Michael Billington.



Warner’s stage career falls into two distinct halves: a youthful decade of riotous acclaim and a late-life flowering separated by a period from 1972 to 2001 when he forsook the stage to carve out a career in cinema. Yet in both youth and age he showed similar gifts: an innate gentleness of spirit, a sense of latent melancholy, an inquisitive intellect. Drawn together in later years by our shared Midlands background, I discovered that the qualities that informed his acting were also an essential part of his character.


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