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What are your favorite Act II divertissement choreographies for The Nutcracker and why?

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Hello! I've been having this question on my mind for a while, but what are your favorite choreographies for each of Nutcracker's Act II divertissements and why?

Personally my favorite Act II divertissement choreographies are as follows:

Spanish Dance = Either Rudolf Nureyev's, led by Louise and Fritz in Clara's dream, or Kirill Simonov's/Mihail Chemiakin's (two Matadors) - these are the ones that stand out to me the most (Baryshinikov's is an honorable mention because I love the Spanish costumes in his staging)

Arabian Dance = Stanislav Vlasov's "Arabian" duet for Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker - I love the dim lighting and the technicality is superb

Chinese Dance = Wayne Eagling and Toer van Schayk for Dutch National Ballet - I like the focus on Chinese martial arts

Russian Dance = George Balanchine - Very energetic, and technically impressive, too

Dance of the Reed Flutes/Mirlitons - Mikhail Baryshnikov - I like the pastoral theme often used for this variation and the dynamic between the ballerina and male danseur is excellent

Mother Gigogne and the Polichinelles - Traditional hoop skirt and tiny dancers choreography, but most notably Helgi Tomasson - the touch of the dancing bear is fun

And while I'm at it:

Waltz of the Flowers = I can't decide, maybe George Balanchine or Mikhail Baryshinikov - I love the Dew Drop Fairy's choreography and Clara partaking in the waltz in Baryshinikov's version is clever

Pas de deux Adagio = Wayne Eagling and Toer van Schayk (Dutch National Ballet) - Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding are one of the best ballet couples ever, they have such good trust in each other

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