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Alice Renavand (Not Quite) Farewell

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This is a bit of a doozy. Because Alice Renavand was injured during what should have been her final performance of Giselle, her retirement performance will take place next season.

Last week the Paris Opera Ballet had posted a lovely interview about what it was like to debut as Giselle for her final performances.

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Renavand had four successful performances earlier in the run. As far as I could make out from the audio, this performance was completed by Bleuenn Battistoni.

I know the audience had come to see Renavand, but I can't help but think that she shouldn't have had to hobble out at the end.

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It was heartbreaking. She just made the entrance of Giselle and got injured in the jumps after the turns. There was a full run of bows from the cast with Bleuenn Battistoni who replaced her so nearly for the entire act. Alice just came in at the end with Aurélie Dupont and Alexander Neef for just these moments to explain she will be back. I think it was reassuring for the audience who came for her to see her smile a little.   

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