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I'm currently in Vienna, attending this Rossini celebration.  It also marks the much delayed debut of Bartoli at the Vienna Opera house. I saw both La Cenerentola and IL Turco en Italia. Words can not describe the electrifying mood in the house. I have seen rare performances which take you to the descriptions of bygone past times in performing arts. The screaming...the bouquet throwing....the endless curtain calls. And all that and more was what I saw here and now. La Ceci sang Cenerentola as if not 25 years,  but 25 seconds had passed since that MET video on YouTube.  And she had to sing an encore of "Non piu mesta", as the audience refused to live the theater even after repeated efforts by all, including Bartoli herself and the ushers. The encore she did for her adoring fans with even more embellishments! It was pandemonium.  A similar scene happened last night with "IL Turco". La Ceci has that power to really do as she pleases onstage. She flirts with her audience...she laughs...she stops the orchestra at times to really enjoy the results of her high notes and it all leads to a performance of a lifetime. The only thing missing was for her fans to carry her around town in arms or for some Russian Grand Duke to present her with some diamonds onstage.

What a woman....what a performer!! 

Brava Ceci!!


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Oh, lucky you to have been there! Thank you for telling us about it.



Regarding the repertoire she chose, she said, “When Bogdan Roščić asked me if I would be interested in accepting a kind of carte blanche at the State Opera in 2022, I immediately connected this honorable invitation with the ‘Rossini fever’ that overtook Vienna in 1822 – and the idea was born to commemorate a little of this musical landslide that swept Vienna when Rossini arrived in this city and presented his best works.”


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