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XIV Moscow International Ballet Competition


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It looks like the third Senior round (final round?) of the XIV Moscow International Ballet Competition might just be beginning. (Thanks to Enya at Dansomanie)


So far, in terms of classical dance at world competitions, I would say that the quality here is exceptional. 



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Going into the second intermission, I would say that this all is rather amazing !  Certainly a breath of fresh air.  

As wonderful as I think that everyone is, the Mariinsky's Maria Iliushkina was from another planet !

And by the way, the male dancer that followed her, no easy feat, from the UK (I'll get his name), did extremely well. His dancing was very good and he was personality-plus. He was very well received.

And the quality level seems to get better and better.

Added: The emission seems to have stopped. Hopefully it will resume after the intermission.

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The winners have been announced, but too many names for me to begin to write down. I'm sure someone will post a list soon.
Maria Iliushkina (Mariinsky), in a class of her own in my opinion among many wonderful dancers and one of the few names that we might be familiar with, won the Gold in her category, Female Duet, partnered by Nikita Korneyev. Yuri Fateyev, Mariinsky ballet director and judge, had a not surprisingly a big smile on his face after her performance.
One other name that we might be familiar is  Anastasia Smirnova (Mariinsky) who tied for Silver (second place) in Female Solos. There was not a first place this year.
Maria Khoryeva (Mariinsky) was also scheduled to compete and would surely have won if not competing with Maria Iliushkina, but I read had posted at one of her  sites that she was sadly out with injuries.

The dancer from the UK is Alessandro Caggegi. (Thanks to Enya at Dansomanie), Graduate of Bolshoi Academy, now Soloist at the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.


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I would like to say again that my enthusiastic posting of this event is based on the surprisingly (to me anyway) high level of performance and my personal feelings about the value of the arts.


Thanks to Salena at Balletfriends/Большой - Балет и Опера 

Google translation:


Women, solo

1st prize not awarded
II prize Yelchibaev Malik (Kazakhstan)
2nd Prize Smirnova Anastasia (Russia)
III Prize Kim Yujin (Republic of Korea)
3rd Prize Varlamova Ekaterina (Russia)
Diploma Ring Ksenia (Russia)
Diploma Oshchepkov Anfisa (Russia)
diploma Tereshina Varvara (Russia)


Women duet

1st Prize Ilyushkina Maria (Russia)
2nd Prize Svinko Elena (Russia)
2nd Prize Gomez Amanda (Brazil)
III Prize Ismagilova Kamilla (Russia)
3rd Wakabayashi Liri Prize (Japan)


Men solo

1st Prize Smilevsky Dmitry (Russia)
2nd Prize Vyskubenko Dmitry (Russia)
III Prize Maxim Izmestiev (Russia)
Diploma Stenyushkin Ruslan (Russia)
Diploma Ulziyzhargal Munkhzhin (Mongolia)
Diploma Verbovoy Bogdan (Kazakhstan)
Diploma Uksusnikov Dmitry (Russia)
Certificate of Terada Tomoha (Japan)


Men duet

1st Prize De Carvalho Wagner (Brazil)
2nd Prize Dangyt Subedey (Russia)
III Prize Korneev Nikita (Russia)
III Prize Shamakeev Kubanych (Kyrgyzstan)
diploma/diploma Pelizzoni Marcello (Italy)
diploma/diploma Bolsunovsky Georgy (Russia)
diploma/diploma Kaggegi Alessandro (Great Britain)

Senior Partnership Special Award - Kuwabara Mana


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This is the full Seniors' Finals replay.

Two personal favorites. Maria Iliushkina's Gold Medal performance of Raymonda at 2:19:00 followed immediately by the delightfully fine performance of the UK's Alessandro Kaggegi at 2:32:20.

Scroll down to the second frame.


I'm in a bit of a hurry, but here's this. I'll try to clarify it later. Both these will probably be available as replays.

Thanks to Enya and Sophia at Dansomanie

Awards Ceremony





Added: The above information for the full Seniors' Finals replay may have changed. 

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I've just begun to look through of all these wonderful performances, only recently noting the importance of the Juniors (Ages,  Juniors 14-17,  Seniors 18-27) who will be the future Stars.

One young dancer, only 17 years old, whom I think is remarkably lovely, just got mentioned today. She won 2nd Prize/Silver Medal in Junior Duets.  (Thanks to Estreiiita at BalletcoForum)

Valeria Kuznetsova (Perm Choreography School)

Aurora Dream Variation  (Junior Round 1)

Florine Variation (Junior Round 1)

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And this is Valeria Kuznetsova's White Swan Duet. 

She's quite something !

She's from the Perm school, but she's definitely Mariinsky or Bolshoi top quality, in other words, one of the best. At only 17 years (!), I would describe her as a combination of the Bolshoi's super-graceful Alyona Kovalyova (Principal) and it's very young, super-expressive Eva Sergeyenkova (Leading Soloist). 

Not much more to be said.  

Scroll down to the last frame, "Gala Concert", and go to 1:36:40


(Much thanks to Estreiiita and Jeannette at BalletcoForum)


And again I would say take note of her remarkable gracefulness here.

Aurora Dream Variation  (Junior Round 1)


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