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Claude Bessy

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I have not had her as a teacher, but I know her from various tapes I saw on POB. (So, it's not actually an accurate profile, but only my opinion!) ;)

To me, she seems SO devoted to make everyone succeeds that she is a credit to all.

She seems to be a strict woman, who doesn't take any nonsense... But I guess that's what you expect from a good teacher! :)

She tried to change a lot of things at POB, but she still regrets not having done more (she says there is too many things to do in her time!)

She will be retiring in 2004 from her post at POB I think...

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PK, I have not had her as a teacher either (and am not a dancer), but what I've read is similar to what balletowoman wrote: a very strict person, with a strong personality, and very devoter to her school. But actually, as far as I know, now she doesn't teach much herself directly: she's been the POB school's director for about 30 years, is in charge of all the administrative things as well as the artistic ones (choosing the teachers, organizing the annual performances of the schools and the tours, helping her students find a job...) and, as far as I know, chooses most of the students herself. But each POB class has its own professor, so I don't think that she does much teaching directly (but probably quite a lot of coaching for the school performances).

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I have had Mlle Bessy as a teacher but only occasionely as she doesn't teach on a regular basis but sometime takes a class, I think, to see how the class is doing, which I think it is better than walk in and just watch.

Mlle Bessy is a very strict, and sometime seems to be very cold with no heart, but she does care for every of her pupils, never leads you on, and tell it as it is.

She stresses on epaulement and want everything to be clean, she will not allow short cuts or cheating.

I have learn to be strong, and yes I disliked her so many time, but I can look back now and If it was not for her I would have never made it this far.

She will teach the French School which she protects with fervor.

I think that mlle Bessy is a wonderful Director.:)

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