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Saturday, May 14


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Christopher Wheeldon is interviewed by Debra Craine in The Sunday Times.


With so many of today’s classical choreographers more interested in making abstract, plotless works than narrative ones, Wheeldon’s flair for storytelling means that he is a member of a small and elite club. That club got even smaller last year when Liam Scarlett died at the age of 35. Scarlett’s career as a house choreographer at the Royal Ballet came to an abrupt end in 2020 after he was accused of sexual misconduct, allegations that were never publicly substantiated. “When Liam was alive I was thrilled that the Royal Ballet had someone else who would enrich the repertoire with narrative work,” Wheeldon says. “One part of the tragedy of losing him is that we don’t have that. But looking to the future, with me continuing to make ballets, hopefully I will inspire a young choreographer to create narrative work.”



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