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Thursday, April 21


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"A Day in the Life of James Whiteside" photo gallery in The New York Times Style magazine.


Before rehearsal for “Giselle” starts, Whiteside and some of his company members spend a few minutes “content gathering,” as they call it, for social media. “When I do a TikTok or Instagram dance trend, I like to ‘ballet-ify’ it,” he says.

Whiteside talks about doing drag.


My drag name is Ühu Betch. Ühu is an irreverent nonsense queen. She’s not overly polished. She’s fun and frankly kind of stupid — a drag queen with dad jokes. All the performances I do are dance-heavy because that’s what comes naturally to me, but they’re never too sexy, or maybe they’re sexy by accident. One of my favorites was at a club in Philadelphia in 2015. I sewed a silk pope costume, with a miter and everything, and added Velcro in the back so I could tear it off. Throughout the number, the audience would stick out their tongues and I’d place rice crackers on them. I was stripping, giving people the Eucharist, doing drop splits and just going mad.


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