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POB 2022-2023 Season

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Next season is on Paris Opera www

Alan Lucien Øyen
Palais Garnier
from 20 Sep to 13 Oct 2022

Mayerling - Kenneth MacMillan
Palais Garnier
from 22 Oct to 12 Nov 2022

Kontakthof - Pina Bausch
Palais Garnier
from 02 Dec 2022 to 01 Jan 2023

Démonstrations de l'École de Danse
Grand Foyer
from 03 to 18 Dec 2022

Le Lac des cygnes - Rudolf Noureev
Opéra Bastille
from 10 Dec 2022 to 01 Jan 2023

George Balanchine
Ballet Impérial - Who cares?
Palais Garnier
from 06 Feb to 10 Mar 2023

Hommage à Patrick Dupond
Défilé du ballet, Le chant du compagnon errant, Vaslaw, Etudes
Palais Garnier
from 21 to 23 Feb 2023

Bobbi Jene Smith
Palais Garnier
from 17 to 30 Mar 2023

Spectacle de l'École de Danse
Palais Garnier
from 15 to 18 Apr 2023

Soirée exceptionnelle en l’honneur de Claude Bessy
Palais Garnier
on 19 Apr 2023 at 7:30 pm

Maurice Béjart
Oiseau de feu – chant du compagnon errant - Boléro
Opéra Bastille
from 20 Apr to 28 May 2023

The Dante Project - Wayne McGregor
Palais Garnier
from 29 Apr to 31 May 2023

Peeping Tom
Guest company
Palais Garnier
from 07 to 11 Jun 2023

Signes - Carolyn Carlson
Opéra Bastille
from 19 Jun to 16 Jul 2023

L'Histoire de Manon - Kenneth McMillan
Palais Garnier
from 19 Jun to 15 Jul 2023


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Thank you for sharing...Lots of interesting programming and it is nice to see an evening in honor of Patrick Dupond. 

Two Macmillan full lengths and only one 19th-century full length is not the balance I would choose for a company that has the resources and talent to do justice to the 19th-century repertory--but I guess I'm not the typical Paris ballet-goer. Also a little surprised the Balanchine program only has the two works. Both are longer (I double checked the running times) but it's still not the heftiest of evenings.

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What curious programming . . . 

By my count, you have five contemporary evenings (Bausch, Carlson, Oyen, McGregor, Smith). The Maurice Bejart tribute evening is welcome and features some of his finest pieces but his is a crossbred repertory between the classical and the contemporary. The choice of Who Cares? on the George Balanchine evening is almost as peculiar as the choice of Jerome Robbins' Fancy Free several seasons ago.

Excepting the evenings with the students and the homage to Claude Bessy (never thought I would see that under an Aurelie Dupont directorship), only Rudolf Nureyev's Swan Lake, Balanchine's Ballet Imperial and the Patrick Dupond homage evening (especially Harald Lander's Etudes) are there to uphold the "white tights and tutus" end of things.

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Women's concours day. Bleuenn Battistoni has been promoted to première danseuse. She's the dancer who substituted for Alice Renavand mid-act when Renavand was injured during her final Giselle.

Clara Mousseigne and Hohyun Kang have been promoted to sujet.

Luna Peigné and Hortense Millet-Maurin have been promoted to coryphée.


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The front of the Opera de Paris, which I consider to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, will undergo restauration and  be completely cleaned and visible by the time of the Olympic games in Paris. It should be a beautiful sight.

“The facade, which overlooks the avenue de l'Opéra, has not been visible for several weeks, due to the erection of scaffolding and the preparation of the site. The Palais Garnier, both a historic monument and one of the two stages of the Paris Opera, will have its main facade undergoing restauration until the end of 2024, for 7.2 million euros, according to a press release published Monday.

It "suffers from pollution, significant thermal shocks and the wear of materials that have led to structural disorders", specifies the Opera, estimating the work necessary "to guarantee the durability of the monument and the safety of people, for the next decades”.”


(Thanks to Haydn at Dansomanie for this information)

Edited by Buddy
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How beautiful.  And not the first time,  as when Dupond was the POB director, he had done the same thing with (retired) étoiles entering the stage for a bow after the then-current étoiles had all made their own appearances in the Grand Défilé.  There is a 13-minute video of it floating about online. At that time, the (retired) étoiles sweeping onstage with incredible grace and aplomb included luminaries (not a full list) Dominique Khalfouni, Claude Bessy, Michel Renaud, Christiane Vaussard, Nina Vyroubova, Ghislaine Thesmar, Jean-Pierre Bonnefous (later Bonnefoux), Cyril Atanassoff, Jean Babilée, Lycette Darsonval,  Liane Daydé, Josette Amiel, Carolyn Carlson, Noëlla Pontois, Patrice Bart, Michaël Denard, and Yvette Chauviré. 


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