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English National Ballet season 2022-2023

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The English National Ballet  has just announced its season for 2022-2023. Among other things, they have added a few more dates in November for their new production of Raymonda.

OUR 2022-2023 SEASON


Swan Lake

28 Sep - 1 Oct 2022, Liverpool Empire
5 - 8 Oct 2022, Palace Theatre, Manchester
12 - 22 Jan 2023, London Coliseum

Derek Deane's beautiful production of the timeless ballet returns to cast its spell.



23 - 26 Nov 2022, Bristol Hippodrome
30 Nov - 3 Dec 2022 Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

"A modern classic" (The Daily Telegraph) by Tamara Rojo, inspired by the pioneering spirit of Florence Nightingale.

UK Production Sponsor: Cunard


Ek / Forsythe / Quagebeur

9 -12 Nov 2022, Sadler's Wells, London

A world premiere from Mats Ek, plus Blake Works I by William Forsythe, and Stina Quagebeur's Take Five Blues.

Booking opens in Spring 2022.



15 Dec 2022 - 7 Jan 2023, London Coliseum

The festive tradition is back to enchant the whole family once again.


Akram Khan's Giselle

12 - 15 Oct 2022, Paris, France
24 & 25 Feb 2023, St Pölten, Austria

The powerful and heartbreaking production continues to astound audiences worldwide.

Booking opens soon.


Creature by Akram Khan

Spring 2023, Sadler's Wells, London

"A tight-wound drama that never lets up" (The Independent)

More details to be announced.

Production Sponsor: Cunard

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I saw a few performances of ENB's Swan Lake at the London Coliseum this week.

Iana Salenko: I had never seen her in the theater, but the many YouTube clips (often with Daniil Simkin) were impressive. I saw both of her performances this week. The main problem was the lack of convincing expression and the apparent lack of any chemistry at all with her partner, Francesco Gabriele Frola, a Lead Principal with ENB. She knocked out the fouettes better than anybody, though, with doubles and triples all through.  I suppose I was expecting something superhuman in the overall performance and it wasn't there. Frola is a handsome Siegfried, but he is utterly expressionless and flat. 

Brooklyn Mack: Formerly with Washington Ballet and a guest a few years ago with ABT at the Met, he's a guest principal at ENB this year. In the one performance I saw, he knocked it out of the park -- very solid and impressive technique, a reliable and attentive partner.

Natascha Mair: Mack's Odette/Odile, she was far more impressive than Salenko -- expressiveness, technique, just gorgeous. She travelled a lot on the fouettes, but her technique otherwise was compelling. A Principal at ENB.

Precious Adams: This American, now a soloist at ENB, did the pas de trois in Act I and Spanish in III. Very nice. 

Ashton's Act IV: This production overall was by Derek Deane ("after Petipa') but they credit Ashton with Act IV. I couldn't figure out from program notes if the entire act was Ashton's or just parts of it. Very nice ensemble choreography for the swans that didn't seem familiar to me, so I'll credit Ashton. But the ending was a disappointment. Odette and then Siegfried disappeared up a low ramp and were gone. If you didn't already know, you couldn't be sure they jumped into a lake or just needed to get away somewhere. Nothing beats the high-flying swan dives at the end of ABT's version!

Trivia from the Royal Opera House: I took the backstage tour and the guide revealed an interesting tidbit. The huge velvet curtain in the Opera House has "EII R" in big gold letters. The guide said they're not going to change them to CIII R and just leave the ER in tribute to a much-loved Queen. Well, that should help the budget!


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13 hours ago, California said:

The guide said they're not going to change them to CIII R and just leave the ER in tribute to a much-loved Queen. Well, that should help the budget!

Seeing that the Queen's 2022 jubilee was ignored by ROH and that there are so far no plans to celebrate the King's coronation, I think you're right.

I've been told that in 1953 there was a week of celebratory performances at ROH (including Callas?).  Ashton created Homage to the Queen.  If they want to call themselves Royal perhaps they should wake up to the fact that historically the house has always acknowledged royal events in the past.  I loath their penny pinching.  They don't even have cast sheets anymore whereas ENB does.  Seeing as their former cast sheets carried expensive advertising it is difficult to understand why.  Every other major house in Europe supplies them.


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