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Alicia Markova Coached Joan Sutherland in Movement for "La Fille du Regiment"

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Met Opera is re-broadcasting the 1973 Saturday broadcast of "La Fille du Regiment" as Listener's Choice today.  They just aired a short radio interview by commentator Ira Schiff with Richard Bonynge, and Bonynge said that Markova, a friend of him and Sutherland, coached Sutherland on movement for the role of Marie for the Met production, which had premiered the year before.

Sutherland was marvelous in that production, both in comedy and pathos.

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It was a spectacular performance by two of the greatest singers of the last, or any, century.  So fascinating to learn that Markova coached Sutherland, who was never a very physical singer.  

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28 minutes ago, sandik said:

I have to smile -- I can only imagine those two in a studio, with their similar hairdos.

You're right!  That's so funny, I'm cracking up. thanks!

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