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Sunday, January 30


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A review of New York City Ballet by Ivy LIn for Bachtrack.


This ["Mozartiana"] is one of Hyltin’s best roles, showing off her playfulness, airy jumps and on-the-note musicality. Her bourrées were like spun silk. This is a very long role and I’ve seen ballerinas run out of steam many times. Hyltin never pushed or forced in any of the filigree footwork and made it look effortless. Huxley seemed to take each fiendishly difficult solo of the Theme and Variations section like a personal challenge. His entrechats, cabrioles and pirouettes (including the three that open up into arabesque) were buttery smooth. When Hyltin and Huxley finally danced together at the end of the Theme and Variations, their duet had a harmonic rightness.


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