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2022 Winter Olympics


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6 minutes ago, Helene said:

I don't think they need actual threats, particularly at Tutberidze's rink: they already have 14-year-olds with triple axels and multiple quads to take over.  Which skater has never been the point.

Why do ballet students and dancers hide injuries and eating disorders/disordered eating, from their parents and companies?  They know there is someone to take their place.  That is true of elite athletes as well, amplified in sports like skating and gymnastics and many of the "X" sports where many of the athletes are so young.

That's quite possibly true, though I think the world saw (pre-scandal) that Valieva was not just one of the pack of strong Russian skaters. Sometimes, with a remarkable enough talent, which skater can become the point. I imagine she was recognized as one they wanted to push as far as she could possibly go. I could certainly be wrong about threats, it's just a possibility that seems quite plausible to me. You're certainly right, though, that even without that there'd have been plenty of other pressures.

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